Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)

Stockholders' Equity

Stockholders' Equity
6 Months Ended
Aug. 31, 2018
Equity [Abstract]  

In January 2018, our Board of Directors authorized the repurchase of up to $3.0 billion of our Class A Common Stock and Class B Convertible Common Stock (the “2018 Authorization”). The Board of Directors did not specify a date upon which this authorization would expire. Shares repurchased under the 2018 Authorization have become treasury shares.

For the six months ended August 31, 2018, we repurchased 2,352,145 shares of Class A Common Stock pursuant to the 2018 Authorization at an aggregate cost of $504.3 million through open market transactions.

As of August 31, 2018, total shares repurchased under the 2018 Authorization are as follows:
Class A Common Shares
Repurchase Authorization
Dollar Value of Shares Repurchased
Number of Shares Repurchased
(in millions, except share data)
2018 Authorization



In October 2018, our Board of Directors retired 74,000,000 shares of our Class A treasury stock. The retired shares are now authorized and unissued shares of our Class A Common Stock.